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The Leadership Institute offered congregational educators the opportunity to expand their knowledge and build a new vision for leadership. The program was open to candidates from all denominations in the New York, Long Island, Westchester and the greater metropolitan area.

It was a wonderful opportunity for both the educator and the congregation to grow and learn.

The Leadership Institute is no longer accepting new participants.

Leadership Institute Summer Seminar 2009
Leadership Institute Siyyum, April 25, 2010

Leadership Institute Closing Ceremony April 26, 2010


What the experts are saying:

Research shows that the greatest cause of burnout comes not from simply having too much to do, but from being too long in a place of work without experiencing one's own ongoing development.

As Roland Barth has written, "Probably nothing within a school has more impact on children, in terms of skills development, self-confidence, or classroom behavior, than the personal and professional growth of teachers (Naturally we add principals too!).  When the adults in the school, individually and collectively examine, question, reflect on their ideals, and develop new practices that lead towards those ideals, the school and its inhabitants are alive. When the adults in the school stop growing, so do their students". Barth, Run School Run, Harvard University Press.

What our fellows are saying:

"I have been privileged to be a member of the Leadership Institute. I have been learning and experiencing a myriad of ideas and have been studying with the best educators and innovators in the Jewish world today. The last year has been one of learning, growing and thinking about just how vital the congregational school is to the future of the Jewish people. As I continue to travel into New York for my classes, I hope to be able to come back after each session and have you dream with me about how we can work together to provide the best Jewish education for our children.

Scholar after scholar has stressed the need for a clear vision, shared by EVERY member of our synagogue community. Jewish education has to be an activity that engages EVERY member of the congregation."

"The Leadership Institute has exposed me to the best in Jewish education and thought. It has been my entree to techniques, philosophy and ideas on how to improve the way we deliver religious education to our children. It is has armed me with research to encourage change. I have grown in knowledge, understanding and an appreciation of my own talents and abilities. I have been introduced to fellow educators with whom I can network, brainstorm, learn from, kvetch with and who share my passion for Jewish education that leads to vibrant Jewish living."

"The idea of running a timed meeting with concrete goals, the skill of facilitation, and other skills and practices I’m sure I’m not mentioning - they are all a result of my time in the Leadership Institute. It was great to see just how much I have learned and grown as a result of the institute!"

"The Leadership Institute has provided me with the skills and confidence to take on ambitious goals of transformative change. Using protocols and approaches introduced to me in the Institute, I felt empowered to engage in the process of visioning and then attempting to implement this vision."

“I love my mentor…she gives me so much of her own experience…answers my questions…I spent a day at her congregation once shadowing her, and everything I saw was very helpful.”

“My love of Jewish education and the families I teach is a life long dream that has been realized. The time, the room, and the support to think, dream, and be rejuvenated has been an incredible gift.”

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